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Bonneville  today                                                                               Bonneville   50ties

Triumph, a sounding name even today, stands for culty, strong motorbikes of the upper class, especially appealing to intelectual, good situated customers between 25 and 65. Triumph bikes were often named to be dead and resurrected again, like the legendary  Phoenix  Bird from its ashes. After the War until far into the 60ties, posessing a Triumph was something every guy around 18 would have on his wishlist, a desireable object for a whole generation. Her unmistakeable deep. rattling sound caused some great delight at the Motorbike freaks of those days. All wanted to copy Marlon Brando, together with a quiff, leather jacket and nailed boots you would have been somebody in the gang. And Mr. Qualtinger*) would sing his dialect song about "The Wild on his Machine", there was even a Triumph Biker Club in the 14th district of Vienna were the Triumph Enthusiasts of those days met regulary.
As the Japanese entered the market with their High Tech "Sewing Machines", they displaced the rough but tough, rattling British Bikes, which were less  modern, antique, antiquated they passed the connection to modern times.
Now Kawasaki, Honda and Suzuki dominated the roads. After several attempts to return the Triumph brand to old glory, at last John Bloor saved the marque and purchased the old factory plant, built a new site and started to make Triumph Bikes from ground up new. Since 1990 Triumph has revived successfully  on the market again.
Triumph bikes were already looked for before the WWI, starting with Motorcycles under Heinrich (Henry) Bettman 1886, the bikes performed well during the First World War, nicknamed "Trusty Triumphs" they carried their riders through the mud of the battlefields in France and Belgium, called to be the best bikes in Europe. 1923 began the car production and during the 1930ties Triumph Cycles went its own way, which lasted until today.
But the Triumph car brand vanished at the beginning 80ties and Triumph Cycles follwed 1984, reviving 6 years later.

*) Helmut Qualtinger was an Austrian Actor 1928-1986, last seen in the movie "In the Name of the Roses" - as a midde  age monk..

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