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TR 3  Italia

The ITALIA was designed by Master Michelotti himself 1959 based on a TR3, only 300 units were built and was a nice, successfully tailored model, unfortunately never  produced in larger numbers.
Today  a  valuable, very sought after classic.


The BOND Equippe
Bond Equippe  2 Litre Convertible, hatte einen 2000 ccm 6 Zylinder  Motor des Triumph Vitesse Mk2. Leistete knapp über 100 PS und konnte mit ordentlichen Beschleunigungswerten aufwarten, dank seines "Kampfgewichtes" der GFK Karosserie.

The Equipe was driven by a Spitfire engine, in different performance steps between 63 and 75 hp, many other parts from the shelf were used, they have been built between 1963 1971, afterwards the Reliant Comp. who also used GFK materials  overtook Bond, but never built Bond cars again and close down 2001.
Have a close look to the front grille - doesn't it remind you somewhere betwenn the TR3 A and the Mk1-Mk3 Spifires?

MARCOS  Vixen S4

Der S4 benutzten Triumph Spitfire Motoren mit knapp 90 PS, mit 1500 ccm bekannt aus dem Spitfire 1500

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