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TVR  2500M

The 2500 M part of a series built between 1972 -1979 and were driven by engines between 1,6  and 5 litres and they were also badged as Taimar. The performance was between 86 hp(1600M) and 250 hp (5000M). In these cars only the US Version of the Triumph 2500 engines were built in, which had only 106 hp instead of the 150 Pi  engine of the TR5 Pi .

TVR  VIXEN  2500

The 2500 was the strongest TVR Vixen model, the smaller, S1-S4 models had 1300-1600ccm and not more than 90 hp, and was powered by the Straight Six 2500 Lucas injected  engine from the Triumph 2,5  Pi, producing 150 hp. It was only buit 1971-72 and followed by the TVR 2500M.


The TVR Zante SM  was a unique, outlandish looking model, built 1971 only one time and using a Triumph Straight Six 2500 engine Last it was found half dismanteled in the backyard of the TVR factory in Blackpool, where it is today is unknown.


This example of the very disinctive Marcos Sportscars also used the  150  hp  6 cylinder Pi  engine from Triumph, it was the last model before its first close down 1972. In the Mid 80ties - as Marcos returned - a few more were built.

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