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1335 cm³ 70 PS

The British Leyland era lasted from 1968 to 1988, after renamed Austin Rover Group - last The Rover Group, most of the time shared with Michelotti on board. Therefore is the time without Michelottis portfolio - after 1978, as only the Dolomite Sprint, Spitfire 1500 and TR7/8 were built.
Additionally from 1981 on, the Acclaim was a licensed model from the Honda company - the Honda Ballade, only badged as a Triumph and shared more than 90% of Honda components. Leyland wanted to polish up their badly damaged  reputation, caused by strikes and false decisions by the management, so they offered a thoroughly concipated and built cuckoo-model like the Acclaim, at the same time as with the Ballade as the 1st generation by Honda itself on the Continent. From 1982 the AVON was offered, two tone coloured and with more luxury equipement and turbo version with 105 hp, which boosted him from 0-100 KMh in 9 seconds and max speed of 200 Kmh, which was very good for a 1400 ccm engine.
The Acclaim was  quite popular because reliable, but lastly not fish nor meat, therefore - with the appearance of the Ballade 2nd Generation the Triumph brand got cancelled, and now from 1984 on history; stored by the BMW Company. The successor was the Rover 200 (SD3), which now was built with more parts from the Austin-Rover shelf. Today the Acclaim has found attention through own fanclubs, but among the deep rooted Triumph community the Acclaim has been noticed only marginally as the "last breath" of the once so famous marque.

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