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What should you be aware of:

Before purchasing a Stag,  you should  consider if a project car or a ready restored example , but you should lend yourself a hand a bit, then you will have a different personal access to your vehicle.
Like other cars of the 70ties  there are certain spots of interest, it rusts at specific places., which are marked red:

  • Underfloor palels     click    

A common spot of rot are  the  front outriggers  as  they  can  easily  become wet inside, through a certain hole and because hydraulic jacks are often placed there and if they are not underlaid with rubber or wood, they become dents  where the undercoat protection gets damaged.

  • Front wing               click

The inner and outer wheel arches  are prone to rust, beside of new wings, ther are half wings and wheel arches available.
       Side panels  rear    clickThese like to rust on certain places, now new panels are available but expensive, repairing panels can be obtained also.

  • Boot lid                   click  

Water splashes  up from the road  and enters somehow into the hollow space behind  the  lock or the number plate lights.. In sequence not only the lock panel can rot - also the boot lid itself rusts  away. A new boot lid (800 €) is expensive  but repair panels are available.   

  • Door bottom           click

     A common place for rot, water comes  via windows and collects at the bottom, where drain holes  normally draws  the water off, but very often they are choked with dirt and the water gets  trapped. Even in dry weather there is always some damp. Result: rust!

  • Boot floor panel     click Alongside  the  seams  of the rear wing to  the  boot floor panel, rear inner and outer valence, rear lamp panel.

Take a magnet and hold it at several points, if the magnetization feels weak - then you can suppose there is much filler or putty, covering deeper dennts, perhaps after an accident. If it is generally weak, then  there are many layers of paint.
In general, better taking mechanical defects  into account than extensive  chassis work, beside of new paint.

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