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The TR5 Ginevra

The Ginevra - or better TR5 Ginevra was a Last Minute design from Master Giovanni Michelotti 1968, he had just finished the Stag Prototype and showed it to the Triumph Chief Engineer Harry Webster as he immediatly handed the Prototype to his development departement, leaving Michelotti without his showcar, which he had designed for his own design buisiness "Vignale" at the coming Auto Show Ginevra.
    Michelotti  had only two weeks time to make an other showcar for his promotion stand, he had just reworked the TR4 irs, installing  a straight six 150 hp injection engine - the TR5 Pi and therefore he used its floor panels and frame to build a complete new car, which he managed within 15 days. But because he still had the Stag in his head, the entire car remembers at the Stag. The trusty six cylinder, 2 litre  engine was used, for which he used an adopted  Lucas fuel injection.
   At the end a quite good looking  Stag-TR hybrid was made, which had a max speed from over 200 kmh, also the interior reminds at the Stag.
The Ginevra was long time forgotten, thought to be lost, but was traded as normal used car and was sold 1977 for just only 4000  CH  franks, the new owner - also a swiss, initially he didn't really no much about the Ginevra, untill he found out what he had treasured, by and by he found out that he had baught a single, tailor made unique piece of car history. Accordingly the value of his car rose, not at least because of an advert in "Auto Revue" from 1983 .
In an Article of Triumph World, a couple of years ago the Ginevra was introduced in detail and caused some rumors among the Triumph Community.

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