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Herald 948  Saloon,S, Coupe',  Convertible, 1959-1962,  34,5 PS
1200 er  Serie: Saloon, Convertible, Coupe', Estate zwischen 1961-1970 ,  39 PS
12/50 Saloon 1962-1967,   48 PS
13/60 Serie,  Saloon, Convertible, Estate, CDK,  1966-1971,  61 PS

With the entrance of Michelotti at Standard Triumph 1957, a new era began. The Standard models of the 50ties were meanwhile outdated a new designline was necessary, at the same time the new cars had been all badged only Triumph, Standard  vanished from the public. The new Herald replaced the Standard Pennant at the lowest price segment, between 900-1300 ccm, which were built in several variations as estate, cabriolet or small saloon from 1961-1971. The got ery popular in the UK and even had respectable performance figures at  last..
The frame construction was chosen because instead of buildig a monocoque chassis for each model, only a few panels had to be changed, which was much cheaper and allowed more flexibilite, although in technical terms outmoded it had many advantages.Because of that and the different  utilizitations, simple maintainance and good spares situation the Herald became frequent sight on Britains roads, viewing the pictures one can see the difference between the Vitesse and the Herald.
Based on the frame the Herald, Vitesse, Spitfire and GT6 were constructed, also the BOND just screwed their plastic panels were just screwed on.

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