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Triumph STAG

The Triumph Stag is a 4 seater Grand Tourer Sports Cabriolet and has been designed by Triumphs house designer Giovanni Michelotti. , who was in the 60ties on the way, becoming one of the most well known cardesigners, therefore he wanted to promote his own design studio "Vignale" in Turin. For that reason he needed a project for his stand at the Car Show Turin and therefore was given a Triumph 2000 Saloon, which was also his design a few years before.

Michelotti left just only the floor panel and built everything else new - out came an exciting new kind of car which immediately caught Harry Websters interest, he claimed the prototyp for his company and therefore left Michelotti without a showcar for his stand, that forced him to make a complete new showcar within only 2 weeks - the TR5 Ginevra.The codenamed project called STAG was driven forward by shortening the wheelbase, changing the front grille, cancelling the hidden pop out headlamps and adding the signifikant T-bar for more stiffness of the chassis and after considering for a long time which engine to use, which prolonged the intoduction to to motoring press and official presentation and finally  presented 1970.the beginning, the focus for the Stag was the US market, where Triumph Sportscars always sold well. But there was also the Mercedes 230/250/280 SLC - well established. Triumph wanted to match with the Mercedes, and oust it with the V8 engine, electric windows, servo assisted steering, wooden dashboard a.s.o. for  a reasonable price, cause Mercedes was quite more expensive.
  The Mercedes SLC had a lot of only optional extras and was priced at a high level but a very good reputation for top workmanship - something that Triumph couldn't cope with, due to the strikes and mismanagement within the British Leyland Corporation.of several shortcomings of the new Stag, which were never really eliminated.the first complaints came from beyond the big pond, especially from aereas without cold weather the whole year where the owners didn't mind a lot about antifreeze, just using pure water which was almost poison for the Triumph V8, causing troubles with overheating, seizing studs, resulting in blown head gaskets. In short time the premature praises turned to the oposite, at the end 1977 BL had to add money to every sold vehicle, instead of the expected 12.000 units per year just only about 26.000 were lastly sold.
The more half-hearted facelift 1973 braught us the MK2 models, but the major problems remained unsolved which was punishe by the potential buyers with lack of interest. A German car magazine wrote in a late article about the Stag in the late 80ties:
"An ambitous car, all ingredients fitted but many cooks ruined the meal" , to this nothing shall be added
      Today things have changed well, all those primar faults have been eliminated or can be avoided, assisted by all those enthusiasts all over the world who have found solutions for every problem. The Stag has become a saught after, reasonably priced classic car which can match with any other, often overrated, classic.website shall help that it will remain so.
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