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  The Interior

The Interior was quite handsome, typical British which means much wood, deep carpets and Conolly leather seats; well there was wood and there were deep carpets, but instead of the expensive Conolly leather Triumph used cheaper Vinyl covering, which was only recognisable after a second sight.
The uppermost picture shows the original furnishing of the Stag, whilst the second is showing a personal interpretation, like dark Burr Walnut, real leather with contrasting pipings, that is definately not original but nevertheless very atractive and upgrades the Stag's value quite a lot.
      The dashboard - a steel body surrounded with form foam having been covered with vinyl pressed by hot damp. The classic, black instruments embedded in massive plywood, refined with satin  walnut veneer. For Triumph typical was - that the dashboard wasn't glossy as usual in other luxury cars, but used the socalled "French Polish". That was standard in all Triumph cars of the 60ties and 70ties, where veneer was used.
Wood is a "living" material, therefore after years, due to temperatur  changes  and solar radiation, the wood "works" and generates cracks in the enamel, making a complete new reveneering necessary, then one has the chance to use nicer veneers like burr or birds eyes pattern and a highly polished polyester protection coat.
The seats were quite comfortable and could be adjusted multi-adjustable, the socalled "basket Wave" structure of the inner seat and backrests which minimized transipration during high temperatures, but the sidly support was fairly and without a seatheater it was cold in winter, but that wasn't standard those days 40 years ago and cloth not usual in cabriolets
The Steering wheel was quite big, almost American Style, for a sporty car too big, that made the steering  - in connection with the servo assistance - very smooth, coud be adjusted 4 ways. That allowed parking with really only one finger and was a feature to which one had to get used especially on highways.
Driver and front passengers had enough space, but rear only for 2 children up to about 12, or a bit narrow for 2 smaller adults, biggers persons would have to get squeezed in or fold their legs.

In the Austrian registration papers there is therefore a notice that at the rear only 1 adult or two children up to twelve years of age are allowed.

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