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The Michelotti Era


The socalled Michelotti ea started with planing the new cars of the coming 60ties, first facelifting the last Standard models like the Sportman. Then Michelotti was  for the time being commisioned conctructing the HERALD a replacement for the Standard Pennant Series. From here on, the Standard brand was never used again on new models, in future there were only Triumphs. The Herald was liked by many Brits those days, as it became a very versatile vehicle, with roof or without, estate or  pick up, everything was possible.
And as there was demand for a more sporty Herald, so in went a 6 cylinder 1600 and later a 2000. Then the Herald got a new grille, diffent twin head lights, sporty dashboard, thicker tyres and ready was the Vitesse.
Michelotti designed sportscars like the Spitfire - based on the Herald frame and the follower of the TR3 - the TR4, 1963 he launched the new  Big Saloon Series with the elegant 2000 Range. The Germans called them "Coatis".
At  the same time Michelotti  styled the  GT6 Coupe' sportscar, a  Spitfire based Coupe' with the 2000 six  cylinder engine
and the TR4, then he started the Stag Project 1967, followed y the TR5 Pi and then he facelifted the Big Triumph Saloons.
And there were the midranged Saloons, Toledo followed by the Dolomite series until the mid 70ties.
Until 1977 almost all Triumphs  were cancelled from the list untl 1980 the last Dolomite followed.
Then, after some facelifting of the Spitfire, Big Six (2000TC, 2500 S), he  started designing  the future  portfolio of the coming  80ties, Lynx and Bullet.

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