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Although the Stag is a classic or oldtimer(?), he is nevertheless a good tuning object, because the performance as well as the outfit left enough clearence to the top. And so one can find some Stags customized to a dreamcar, purists call such cars disparagingly "overrestored".example seats: Why not covering in real leather, contrasting piping, lateral bolstering for better support. Why not?some examples of improvements which are common nowadays and which are welcomed by Stag Enthusiasts like me.mods are round about engine, suspension and interior, but there are also spoilers and modified bonnets people modify their Stag ?I think because they find it exciting to drive a 40 years old car with the performanc of a modern vehicle, no we do not want a high tech "Jamazuki" , we still want a car with the flair of a Stag. But until the Stag has been performed quite a lot  technically, I haven't seen a modified body till yet. Only one Picture of an up to date Stag does exist, although only digital:

         Fourfold Holley Carburettors                     Tubular Exhaust Manifold    4 Pot Brake Conversion    
    Disc Brake Conv.      Stabilisator for Rear Axle   Adjustable Track Control Arms   Electron.Distributor

Aprovements:  Electric cooling fan, uprated Radiator, Oil cooler, louvered bonnet for better ventilation avoiding heat trapping.of all conversion is and will always be  - the engine, either swapping the whole V8 against an other transplant like Rover V8, Straight Six or against big bore V8 engines from the US market..cannot be friend with using other engines than the Triumph V8, except of the Rover V8, Ford V6 or V8, or japanese engines is a stylistic incongruenity because not really comprehensible.american Stag enthusiast made such a perfect conversion over 12 years ago but unfortunately I haven' heard of it since then.

Pict.1                                                                                                    Pict.2

Upper pictures show the Inlet plenum chamber an the inlet manifold, I read about this superb work those days and the guy described what he had done. Somehow he got hold of some Inlet manifold from the rare TR7 Straight four Injection, he modified the original Triumph manifolds (Pict.2) so they could take plenum base plate from a Corvette L1 injection with a central air duct - just as the with original system, the electronic ignition systen is based on the rear - just as usual - though the original Lucas distributor had been capped and left only for driving the oilpump.(Pic.1)

Pict.3                                                                                                                Pict.4

From the top view (Pict3,4) this modification looks best from what I ever have seen, it looks just as if it had bee straight away deveoped from the Triumph plants, everything fits and looks just as if it was always original. No pipes and other parts are hiding the cam covers, as in modern cars usual, no plastic rubbish - a shiny, glazing sight of polished what I would call perfect.I never heard again from this engine, how it performed and about fuel consumption.anybody know more?job from the same guy is the following breathtaking example, told to be used for a Ferrari Replica, notice the downpipes pointing in the "wrong" direction.(Pict5)engine seems to be a high performance engine, where a lot had been modified, but close looks shows the typical Triumph cam covers and other distinctive parts. All that I know is, that the inlet manifolds were taken from motorbike - so each cylinder has its own throttle (multi throttle system Pict.6), in the front there seems to be an external oil feed system, the exhaust pipes point forward, leading to sidepipes, because this engine is placed at the rear.anybody out there critisize a Triumph V8 engine, sure we all would like to hear more about this modification

Pict.5                                                                                                 Pict.6

Here is a further well done supercharged  modification, no idea how much the power output is, but with a charger there must be a boost from at least 40%

A main reason for converting the Stag is is the cooling system, the Stag's "Achilles Heel". Solutions have been made with bigger (30%) uprated radiators, electric fan blowers, oil cooler, and socalled Header Tanks. The original expansion bottle is very small dimensioned, an aftermarket "Header Tank" like from "STAGWEBER" is a priceworthy investment.
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