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The Panther Rio was based on the Triumph Dolomite Sprint during the 70ties, even though the body was completely made of aluminium, using only the passenger cell of the Dolomite. The Headlights came from the Ford Granada, the grille looked similar to the Rolls Royce, the taillights were from the TR6, the Tank filler cap and middle console from the Stag and the bumpers from the T 2500 Pi.
The Rio was nothing else than a very luxurious, premium, outdoor tailored Triumph.

As can be viewed, the interior was a home made production but looked like a mixture between Rolls Royce and Stag, burr walnut, finest Conolly leather trim dominated, also thick woll carpets. The Rio was seen as an exclusive upper class niche model, marketed as a "Little Rolls Royce" and was priced  20% upon a Jaguar XJ V12 and three times a Dolomite Sprint

The engine of the Panther Rio was, contrare to the practices of the company by using big bore engines, a small but modern piece. The decision fell on the Slant 4 engine with the 16 valve technique from the Dolomite Sprint 2 litre. .
Unfortunately the Rio was only sold 40 times and is therefore a very small, looked after classic.

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