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Popular original Triumphs from 1923-1939


...was the first Triumph Car, nicknamed "Duckback, because of its pointed tail. Looked quite sporty.
4 cyl., 1400ccm, 23 hp         2000  built


...was the firts 1. British car which had a hydraulic brake system allround.
4  cyl., 1.873 ccm, 35 bhp        2000 built
similar model the 15/50  
cyl., 2169 ccm, 40 bhp

SUPER SEVEN 1927-1934

....this model was offered with different body panels.
4 Zyl., 832 ccm, 21 bhp, tuned 23,1 bhp(!)

Untill 1933 several similar models to the Super Seven were built, like Super 8, Super 9, 12/6 or Scorpion, with engines from 800 - 1000 - 1200 ccm and 21-25 bhp. The 1200 were 6 cylinder, but the 1000ccm engines were from Climax, who also built the first Aston Martin engines. There was even an own racing car called Coventry Climax

GLORIA (Four, Six)  1933-1938

The 1087-1232 ccm Model series was the most popular Pre-war model, built in different finishes - from the limousine to the drophead cabriolet. Triumph used in license produced 4 and 6 cylinder engines from Climax except of the last models 14 and 15 which were driven by original Triumph engines.GLORIA VITESSE  (no picture)  was a sports version, also with 4 and 6 cylinder, the latter slightly longer,


1232ccm (4 cyl) und  1991ccm (6 cyl), they were the sportiest roadsters of the Gloria series and had only two seats. The engine had a free wheel in the gearbox, for clutch free gearchanging

DOLOMITE   Straight 8

This model - more a prototype, because it was never built in series - had a huge 8 cylinder, 2000 ccm,  STRAIGHT EIGHT engine with 140 hp and a Rootes compressor. Vmax was 180 kmh. One can imagine, that with 8 cylinders and small capacity,the pistons must have been very small. This engine was a plagiarism of the Alfa Romeo 8 c 2300 with very similar performance figures and almost the same weight of 1000 kg. But the Dolomite at the Le Mans race unlucky, because of collision with a train. Cause production was found beeing too expensive, only three were ever built.


The roadster with the significant, radiator grille (waterfalldesign) is today a popular collector piece. The grille was almost something like an artwork, but not all Dolomites were delivered with those grilles - for instance the Continental or the Straight 8.

D0LOMITE VITESSE14/60, SALOON, 2 Litre,models were the last real, original Triumphs after bancruptcy 1939 which had been built in the original Triumph plant, the real last model was the  Triumph 12, from which I couldn't find a picture. From 1940 - after the German Airraid "The Coventry Blitz", there was everything lost, only a few sketches had been rescued


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