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FURY 2,0 litre  1964
The  Fury project was one of these interesting cars, designed for replacing the TR, a lovely looking piece of motordesign based on the Spitfiredesign but having a monocoque chasis instead of a frame. The higher costs of new tooling compared with continueing the TR production ceased the further development of the Fury. This convertible was driven by the 2,0 litre 6 cylinder engine with options for 2,5 Pi, and 3 ltre V8 engines. It  certainly would had been better for the companies future by using one design replacing Spitfire, TR and the later STAG at once instead going on with three different production lines. The rear end and sidelines  inspired Michelotti when he built his Ginevra

SALOON 2600 Mk III  
This picture shows  what the Saloon Mk 3 was ought to look like, significant the air intake on the bonnet, on this Big Six the option was - to fit the new Triumph engines 2,3 and 2,6 litre, which  was longer than the original 2500 engine, the new  Triumph 5 speed gearbox   and perhaps the Rover V8, but this idea was swiftly abandoned in favour of the Rover SD1 series, using exactly these three engines and gearbox. 30 of these body shells were built. More here
This Triumph should had been the Big Six Successor for the second haf of the 70ties, the Dolomite Range was already proceeding, and Rover was already planning the successor of the P6. Also the Austin with it's Princess. The already outdated Big Six engines were also going to be replaced by the second half of the decade, the more as there were already plans to replace the Rover P6 and the Triumph  Big Six models at once, avoiding expensive competition within the middle class executive range. The question was which brand would be the winner. As we know - it was David Bache's Rover SD1 (former RT1 for Rover-Triumph) So at least the new Triumph engines and the Triumph 5speed gearbox were used until the early 80ties.


The TRS Conrero was a projected racer for the participation on the Le Mans racing event 1963, based on the TR3 powered by a unique twin cam OHC engine, engineered specially for racing, called "Sabrina" engine. It is said that,  4 Conreros were built, only one of them have appeared during the last years. They were never used - instead of them the TRS Le Man was put in service - look under RACING TRIUMPH.

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