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The Triumph 1300 FWD (61 hp) was launched 1965 to rival the Mini and other front wheel drive cars, particulary the Morris 1300, but soonly found themselves in the same stable again. The 1300 was built in the "Coati" style like the 2000 Mk1 range. He had an independant suspension on all 4 wheels and quite luxurious equipped. A stronger version appeared soon and had now 76 hp (1300 TC)

1500 (62 hp 1970-1976) initially kept the suspension from the 1300 FWD but had already the new styling and was built later next to the Toledo as a RWD. Not until 1976 (!) Triumph decided to renew to rationalize the entire lower middleclass segment and offered only the Dolomite range 1300/1500/1850 HE/SPRINT. These models already had the twin headlights.
behielt anfangs die Radaufhängung des 1300er, war aber schon im Stile der neuen Triumph gehalten und wurde  später als Hecktriebler neben dem Toledo gebaut. Erst 1976(!)  entschloss man sich die gesamte Mittelklassepalette zu rationalisieren und bot nurmehr die  Dolomite 1300/1500/1800 HE/SPRINT an. Er hatte auch schon die Doppelscheinwerfer des Sprint Modells.

TOLEDO (58-61 PS) was a cheaper model of the Dolomite series with the split radiator grille of the Dolomite but with the tail from the 1300 FWD but instead FWD a RWD layout. He had engines, gearboxes and other parts from the Herald or Spitfire and was still built as the Dolomite appeared which was in fact unsensical but typical for the confusiness of the model policy at British Leyland
The 1300 was the smallest of the midranged series, technically an extemption among the whole Triumph portfolio in disadvantage of the overall conception. It was the tentative attempt to jump on the leaving train "Front wheel drive", but instead of a transverse engine design Triumph kept the straight in line design and built the gearbox into the oilsump which was meant a great input. Not far away was the idea of adapting the FWD to 4 wheel drive version, which never went in series and was only realized for the Rallysport.
The 1300 and Dolomite models were all abandoned untill 1978 and replaced later by the Honda based  Rover 200 (SD3)

Left Pict.  Rally 1300 4WD

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