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By the end of the 2nd WW the situation at Triumph was hopelessly different, due to the loss of their main plant, without any infrastructure, no blueprints of the Pre War models a.s.o. and the continuing, questionable economic Pre War situation. Therefore it  happened what had been already visible - Standard swallowed Triumph and the new name was now Standard- Triumph Company.
Now all Post war models used Standard techniques, because own tools, models, sketches, blueprints were burnt or bulldozered into the ground. That is why the Post War Triumphs were all new developments, with no links to Pre War Triumphs.
The 1800, 2000, Renown were produced untill 1954, onwards until to the Triumph 2000 Mk1 1963, no Saloons appeared.   Standard built also Ferguson tractors on contract basis, and so the birth of the legendary TR Series, after the Roadsters 1800 and 2000,  1950 a new sporttscar called TRX or New Roadster followed, thought to rival the well sold Jaguar XK120, but turned out to be a desaster
Production too expensive, bad critics everywhere, a sportscar anything else than that, so ST cancelled it with only 3  Pre-production cars left. ST started to rework the Ferguson engine and suddenly there was a new, noteworthy engine usefull for the planed brand new roadster, having a "Good Motor Press" 1953. The TR2 started its life followed by the successful TR3. As ST also achieved some international and national success, the nymbus of the TR was strenthened. The 50ties brought some changes, the biggest one the cooperation with Michelotti, at the last years of the 50ties, which was the beginning of the most successful era of the Triumph marque.
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