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Again and again there are rumors about the revival of the Triumph Car Marque and every time all those enthusiasts have been dissapointed through the reality. At the beginning 90ties there were reports about BMW's intentions of relaunching the marque, based on the Mini perhaps producing small roadsters. But there are also privates who have intention to revive Triumph, like the concept cars called "New Triumph TRE", designed by the socalled New Triumph Company". The responsible designer is Pellemb Gurra, a talented industrial designer will hardly beleive it - Coventry where he ha got is office. Looks great, doen't it, such a sportscar rivalling a BMW roadster - guess who would win!


But because BMW, holding the trademark rights on Triumph, doesn't want to release them, a ligitation started with the New Triumph Company" started years ago - but I do not know how it ended yet. It is certainly not realistic to beleive BMW will give the brand away, after purchasing it together with Rover,  Mini and others.(1990)
This design is thought to be a hybrid, facing the environmental compatibiity, in focus producing a sportscar which could cope with such requirements.
Look at this website:


A further design from Triumph the fable world was/is this design, based on the Mini, was told to be produced 2007, a small, fine new Triumph pathing to the famous TR. Perhaps a sober calculation from the Bavarians themselves, namely a little roadster to rival the allmighty Mazda roadster which itself was certainly inspirated from the formerly famous Triumph Spitfire.
Well, the technique of 200hp works Mini Cooper in this design, perhaps little improvements at the front and rear - and the Triumph friend all over the world would be happy again.
  A TR priced at around 30.000 € would certainly find their purchasers, especially in England and the BMW Z Series would hardly be endangered. However, the former BMW CEO Pietschetsrieder, known to be anglophile and with close family contacts to England, wanted to integrate the Triumph brand in his portfolio. But everything went different as we know today but perhaps it will happen one day, because there were some links to eachother in the past.
Triumph founder Bettmann - a German, a German wing of Triump formerly, same engine suspension layout by the same designer for Triumph and BMW (Michelotti), shared the same market niche.
Shortly BMW has asked the European Patent Office for using the Triumph Logo, i wonder why.
By the way:  As BMW sold the Rover brand again, they kept most of the old brands formerly purchased with the Austin Rover Group except of MG which was an active part of Rover. Phoenix - the new owner wanted the Triumph brand too which was refused persistently by BMW . Any persistance would had burst  the whole deal, why Phoenix gave up at the end.
Well, why did they?

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