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This is an interesting, shortly in Youtube  published video about the production of the Stag and other Triumph models,but
other than with  CAD systems like today, there is many  handwork up to the last details.

Here is a wonderful, prized Dolomite Sprint 2000 16V, immaculate and original.
Note the lovely, original Triumph wheels, a development of the Stag wheels, just with more spokes.
Honestly, this car was one of the nicest models built under Michelotti during the British Leyland era, would have had the potential to beat the BMW Tii, or the Ford Escort 2000 RS anyway, wouldn't there had been problems with the  reliability.

GT6 - the "little man's "  Jaguar E , here is a lovely example of Michelottis typical design, based on the Spitfire built 6 cylinder Sportscar.
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