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You want to know more about the SOC ?

This blue Stag is definately one of the most beautiful examples I have ever seen.
That is what the Stag should had looked like from the beginning.

A lovely Stag almost original except of the beautiful, polished, burr walnut, beige leatherseats with dark red piping and wire wheels - Grandezza! And the 4 exhaust pipes show what's going on and  the engine looks original.

This example is an EFI  Stag with original engine, great job , obviously the Ignition has been completely changed - at least  there is an ignition unit on each  cylinder, as usual on racing engines.
Dieses Exemplar is ein EFI Stag mit Originalmotor, toller Job, offensichtlich wurde auch die Zündanlage völlig geändert, zumindest sehe ich anstatt eines Verteilers elektronisch gesteuerte Zündeinheiten wie in Rennwagen üblich.

This black Stag is a fantastic example for a successful conversion, optically it looks largely original, that what has been changed makes sense and the vehicle prettier than original. An example what  the Stag could have looked like from the beginning, even if it would had been 50% more expensive, it would had been THE prestige object which Triumph always had in focus. I am convinced that the more effort would payed itself and many things would have went an other way.

A beautiful ride in a beautiful car, as if one was sitting next to the driver.

That's how we love our Stag!

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