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Vitesse 6, Sports 6, Vitesse Mk1, Vitesse Mk2

Vitesse 6      1,6    1596ccm, 6 cylinder, 1962-1971,  70-80 hp
Sports   6      1,6                                         1962-1964,  USA Version
Mk1               2,0   1998ccm, 6 cylinder,  1966             95   hp
Mk2               2,0                                          1968-1971  104 hp

The Vitesse was designed as a 2 door 4 seater, more luxurious and sportier than the Herald, first with a 6 cylinder, capacity reduced , wellknown Vanguard engine, later enlargened again in the Mk2.
He had a quite good performance with the advantage carrying 2 additional persons, which wasn't possible with the two seater roadsters TR or the Spitfire. Because  its consumption was moderate-especially the Vitess 6, a growing fan community was the result., the more as provided with overdrive.
Only the STAG offered the same feature again - 4 seats and open touring.
Even today, particularly the Mk2 is very popular, because of the good spares situation and the simple maintainance.

The lower left picture shows why.

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