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Neuer Stag?

The STAG Resurrection(?)

Why not speculating what a new Triumph Stag could look like today, although we have much joy with our original ones in the garage?
What are the suggestions of the Triumph community? Is it forbidden to demand from BMW to re-introduce the Triumph brand, being open for new ideas which could be of much interest for themselves. Nevertheless - Rolls Royce is a successful part of the BMW group, or not? And the UK-built Mini also!
So why the hell not reintroduce TRIUMPH ???? What makes sense keeping that marque locked? The founder was a German anyway.
Let us start with that flagship model which was a synonym for the long lasting downfall of the British Motor Industry and share our thoughts, wishes and dreams among us and let us the CEO of BMW know about it. Building new Triumphs based on the BMW portfolio would certainly not cost that much as developing one from new.
Come on and take part.

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